Denmark's best showcase for upcoming Scandinavian bands and artists - Spot Festival - is next week in beautiful Aarhus.

Among the acts this year are The Blue Van, Ginger Ninja, Efterklang, Turboweekend, Thomas Dybdahl, Bel Esprit, Black City and many many more.

I will be going again this year to spot and photograph as much as I can.

I have already started to mark my calendar with all the interesting bands (and old friends) playing at the festival. As usual, it's a pretty tight schedule already, but I don't want to miss anything.

I have the luxery of being able to attend and photograph anything I want at the festival, and therefore I want to hear from YOU!


...have a favorite band playing at Spot?
...know of an exciting new band playing at Spot that deserves attention?

Then send me a comment below - I want to hear all your ideas!!



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